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  • What if my child wants to have a friend come over?
    Please inform us of all children that will be present at any point during the times booked. You can make updates and changes any time prior to the arrival time of your sitter. We required detailed information on all of the children present and emergency contact information. Additional fees may be applied at the time of the change and are subject to increase within short notice. Inaccurate reservation details discovered at the time of arrival will result in additional surcharges.
  • What if my child develops symptoms of illness around the time of my reservation?
    Notify us immediately when you become aware your child is sick. Do not attempt to conceal symptoms as it prevents us from being able to provide the appropriate care and protection for our staff and will likely result in additional fees. Sitters are not able to administer medication of any kind and cannot supervise self administration (with the exception of a life threatening emergency including those requiring use of an epi-pen). If a child is identified as ill or requires special needs not disclosed prior to the sitter's arrival, you will be billed according to the cancellation policy and ineligible for refund.
  • How will my sitter be selected?
    In order to ensure we can provide someone at all times requested, the sitter assigned to your booking will be solely based on availability and proximity to your location. We can assure you, no matter who arrives, you will always receive the same level of quality expected of all our caregivers.
  • How do I know I'm getting a good sitter?
    Our sitters are fully vetted and extensively trained to meet our quality service standards. They are background checked, first-aid, CPR certified and covered under our company's insurance. Beyond being skilled at keeping your kids safe and sound, our sitters aim to engage and actively interact with your kids to make sure they have the best time!
  • How much notice is required in order to book?
    You may book a reservation with as soon as you know you are in need of babysitting services. We accept reservation requests with as little as three hours notice and will always do our best to secure a sitter. Please note, booking requests made within 48 hours notice are subject to elevated rates and fees apply for changes and cancellations made within this time frame. Please familiarize yourself with our changes and cancellation policy for more details.
  • Can I select a sitter?
    We absolutely love it when you find one of our sitters that you are happy with. We do keep track and take note of your sitter preference, however, ultimately in order to ensure you have a sitter every time you need one, we will select the sitter that is the best fit for each assignment.
  • How do I book services?
    To book, select the "more info" button on the desired service listed on our home page. Submit a booking request form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch to gather additional information and finalize details to confirm and schedule your booking. Our process is currently changing and evolving, don't hesitate to reach out through any channel if you have any questions.

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